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Jordan’s story

Jordan’s story

The client

When Jordan*, a 28-year-old indigenous man, was first referred to Outcare he was serving a 10-year sentence in prison. As a child, Jordan had experienced significant trauma. His family was unable to provide him with the support he needed to address abuse and an undiagnosed intellectual condition. As a teenager, Jordan began to engage in petty crimes like stealing and was sentenced to youth detention multiple times. When he was 18 years old, he was sentenced to two years imprisonment for theft. In order to protect himself while in prison, Jordan resorted to committing violent acts that resulted in a further sentence of eight years.

The program

Jordan was referred to Outcare three months before his release date. His Outcare Case Manager provided him with emotional support, arranged transitional accommodation, helped Jordan to make a budgeting plan for the weeks following his release, and organised transport from prison to his accommodation. During Jordan’s first few weeks in the community, his Case Manager met with him up to four times a week to support his transition and continue to build trust and rapport.

In addition to ongoing emotional support, Jordan was assisted with practical needs such as setting up a new bank account and budgeting for necessities while he searched for work. After two weeks of applying for positions, Jordan found a job in retail. He remained living in Outcare transitional accommodation for four months until his Case Manager was able to find him permanent accommodation with Community Housing.

The result

Jordan checks in with his Case Manager once a week and continues to support himself in the community. He is now seeking to further his education and has enrolled in a course at university. While facing multiple challenges to begin life after 10 years in the prison system, Jordan has remained goal driven and positive about his future. Outcare provided Jordan with essential supports pre and post release to help him transition successfully into community life and make a fresh start.

*Name has been changed for personal reasons

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