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Time to Work Employment Service (TWES)

Time to Work Employment Service (TWES)

TWES supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to obtain employment when they leave prison.

The program is designed to assist people re-enter the workforce upon release.

Our facilitators work with people in prison within three to four months of people being released to undertake a tailored employment assessment to identify their aspirations, skills and any barriers they may face to employment.

Collaboratively, we design a transition plan to help with searching for a job post-release. Then participants are linked with employment providers who support them to find work as well as referring them to other necessary support post-release. The program provides people with a facilitated transfer from their in-prison support provider to their post-release employment service provider, where possible.

How can I join?

Call us on 6263 8622 or speak with your Transition Manager.

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