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Our programs

Outcare provides a wide range of programs to support clients throughout their journey to reintegration.

Aboriginal Throughcare

Aboriginal Throughcare supports First Nations Australians in their last nine months in custody up until two years post-release.

Career Development

Career Development helps people who have been in the justice system with employment advice and furthering their education.

Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion supports people who are on the NDIS to assist them to live independently.


Links helps people up to the age of 17 who are before the Perth Children’s Court and are living with mental health challenges.


The Reconnect program supports young people who are at risk or have had contact with the justice system.

Sisters of St John of God Women’s Program

Sisters of St John of God Women’s Program supports women in their final nine months in custody and up to two years post-release.

Start Court

Start Court is a therapeutic court for adults who are before the Central Law Courts and have mental health challenges.


Thrive helps public housing tenants, including Aboriginal Housing, who are at-risk of eviction to retain their home.


Tidda supports women with undiagnosed or unsupported disabilities to successfully reintegrate into the community.

Time to Work Employment Service (TWES)

TWES supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to obtain employment when they leave prison.

Youth Residential

Youth Residential is a residential care program that supports young people with complex needs.

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