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About us

Providing justice, reintegration and support services to help people engage positively with community.

Our history

Outcare was formed following a public meeting the Women’s Service Guild (now defunct) held on 1 April 1963 in relation to changes to the Probation and Parole Act in WA.

Originally called the Civil Rehabilitation Committee of WA (CRCWA), the organisation was created to be the primary source of aftercare for recently released prisoners on parole. We became an incorporated association in January 1964.

Outcare has supported hundreds of people across the full stream of the justice stream, including supporting the first West Australian prisoner to attain a full university degree while incarcerated.

We were renamed Outcare Civil Rehabilitation Council of WA Inc in 1987, before adopting the abbreviated Outcare in 2007, which is what we are known by today. Our current logo was adopted in October 2016.

In 2018, Outcare became part of PeopleKind Group, a for-purpose parent organisation that makes a positive, lasting difference across the human services sector in WA. The services delivered within the group’s organisations are housing, disability services, allied health, child protection, training, reintegration and diversionary support.

We have grown to offer 11 programs and employ over 250 people to become a leading provider of re-engagement, re-integration and justice support services in WA.

Outcare provides justice, reintegration and support services to help people engage positively with community.

Our vision is a community where everyone belongs and feels connected. Our purpose is to empower people to live their best life. And we live by our values.

Many factors can adversely affect our lives in areas such as health, family, finance and our cultural wellbeing.

At Outcare, we offer support to help people regain direction and maintain positive social engagement.

We specialise in person-centred support for people whose circumstances place them at risk of entry to the criminal justice system, or who are currently serving a sentence.

We can provide support in prison, during release and after release to help rebuild positive lives, families and futures.

Outcare is an organisation of PeopleKind Group.

Our Values

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