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Hannah’s story

Hannah’s story

The client

Hannah* is a 16 year old girl who had been living in a family environment where she was exposed to domestic violence and illicit drug use. Both parents suffered from addiction and mental health issues and Hannah was often in the care of different family members. When she was referred to Outcare after committing a drug-related offence, Hannah had a history of self-harm, trauma, anxiety, substance abuse and violence towards others. She had serious mental health issues and was heavily reliant on daily substance use. Hannah had stopped attending school and lacked any positive support from friends or family.

The program

Hannah was referred to Outcare via the Links program. Links provides therapeutic support to children dealing with mental health issues (these do not have to be formally diagnosed) who have pleaded guilty to charges in the Children’s Court. The program is voluntary and clients are assigned a Community Support Coordinator to provide them with the services and supports they need. Outcare Community Support Coordinators work with a clinical team based at the Children’s Court and liaise with any and all external stakeholders surrounding the young person.

The result

Hannah was initially resistant to engaging with the Links program, however, her Community Support Coordinator was able to assist her with emergency relief and essential needs such as clothing, food and transport vouchers. She started to meet regularly with her Coordinator and built a relationship based on trust. Her Coordinator provided her with daily support and helped to arrange medical appointments and treatment. Her Coordinator was also able to set up a gym membership so she could be more proactive about her health and wellbeing. Hannah is now on track to graduate from drug court and is completing her Year 10 certificate. She is feeling motivated and positive about her life and future.

*Name has been changed for personal reasons​

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