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Sarah’s story

Sarah’s story

The client

Sarah* is a 27-year-old mother of two who has struggled with severe addiction issues. She was first exposed to drug and alcohol use at the age of 13 and has been victim of domestic violence in several relationships. At the time Sarah was referred to Outcare’s Assisted Rental Pathways Program, she had been blacklisted in the rental market and had accumulated significant debt after a past drug addiction. She was battling unemployment and wanted a better life for her children where she wouldn’t be dependent on welfare.

The program

The Assisted Rental Pathways Program provides eligible participants with a tiered rental subsidy and individualised assistance, to build their personal capacity and financial independence so they can become self-sufficient in the private rental market. The Program is a diversionary form of housing assistance for capable people who may, with the aid of time-limited rental subsidies and individualised assistance, be able to transition into the private housing market. Sarah’s mother had lived in social housing, and she was keen not to get locked into the system, which is why the opportunity to move towards independence through the Program was so appealing.

The result

Outcare liaised with a local real estate company to find Sarah a rental property that better met the needs of her family. Sarah worked with her Outcare Housing Support Worker to take control of her finances and debt through developing a budget and a repayment plan. As the rental subsidy allowed her to focus on her studies, she was able to complete two courses and has now started part time work based on her new qualifications. Her Housing Support Worker also linked her with personal safety support services to address domestic violence. The Assisted Rental Pathways Program has given Sarah the confidence and security to make positive changes and has provided her with the emotional support to take steps in the right direction for herself and her two young children.

*Name has been changed for personal reasons

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