Youth Services

One of the primary reasons that young people get into trouble with the law is a break down within the family.

With early intervention, these young people can turn their lives around and avoid spending time in detention or jail as an adult.

Outcare’s Youth Services facilitate a number of Prevention and Diversionary programs for young people.  The Service also offers a range of assistance to help young people involved in the justice system.

Detention Centre Support

Outcare offers one-on-one support for young people at Banksia Hill Detention Centre and Rangeview Remand Centre. Our case managers visit the centres on a weekly basis and form links and relationships with young people needing support and connection.

Our aim is to support and help the young person identify why they are in this situation. If there has been a breakdown in communication with parents, Outcare’s team can provide supports such as mediation services. 

Case Managers will also assist the young person to create and implement a support plan that will help to help the young person stay on track once released.


Once released from detention young people often find themselves disengaged from mainstream supports and programs such as education etc.Often it is difficult for them to return home because of conflict, our services will help them access crisis accommodation and negotiate with agencies for medium to long term accommodation in private rental properties.

We will also help them get back into education, vocational, employment and recreational pursuits as well as assisting them in accessing their Centrelink and other entitlements.


  • AYISS – Aboriginal Youth Intensive Support Service (Feds)
  • Reconnect – Youth Support Services
  • Live Works (Fed and State bodies)
  • Drive Time
  • Cooking Skills (Local Council and Business)
  • Say Neigh to Crime (OCP, R Cottman)
  • Mid-Night Basketball (City of Swan, OCP, DSR) – Click here
  • Maali Football Academy (Swan Districts Football Club)
  • Weld Square – Mentor Program
  • BRASAC – Break away Respect And Self-Awareness Camp (Midland Police, OCP, DSR, City of Swan).
  • Lit Up Literacy program (SEA)
  • CYTS CGEA Literacy and Numeracy program – Community Youth Training Services
  • SHOP FRONT Maylands, Community Relief – Foodbank – Care pack project

Youth Tube

Youth Tube will bring up a number of youth videos from past ABC and other TV shows as well as the Weld Sq program and the BRASAC Raw DVD.

Live Works Program

The Live Works Program is a unique training and rehabilitation program based on a proven methodology that successfully engages, trains and supports young Indigenous men who have had contact with the criminal justice system and facilitates their placement in traineeships, apprenticeships or other employment. Skill Hire and Outcare have partnered to deliver five successful Live Wors Programs in Perth. The Program concept was originally conceived by Outcare and is based around a Certificate II in General Construction.

The aims and objectives of the Live Works Program are to:

  • Successfully engage young Indigenous men in meaningful and practical training;
  • Facilitate a positive change in behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles and support the young men into sustainable training and employment placements;
  • To significantly reduce the re-offending rates of Indigenous young men aged 15 to 22 years.

SHOP FRONT Maylands, Community Relief- Food bank – Care pack project